Flip 'n Fall

Turn the device to make Spike fall and get him to the exit, avoiding all danger

Release date: July 09, 2012 19:00

Available in Android Market

Available on App Store

Turn the device to make Spike fall and get him to the exit, avoiding all danger

Flip 'n Fall is a fun 2D physics-based puzzle game that delivers addictive gameplay via a combination of problem solving and action.

Help Spike as he tries to make his way to the exit portal while avoiding traps, fires and monsters. Tilt the device to change the gravity and make Spike fall, but be careful so that he doesn’t burn his feet. Pick up fruit for extra points.

Flip 'n Fall is a retro style 2D puzzle game utilizing the accelerometer, influenced by classics such as Boulder Dash, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and more.

Flip 'n Fall offers over 40 free fun levels, including easy ones for the kids, and additional levels can be bought in-app. More free and purchasable levels are made available via updates.


* Fun 2D puzzle and action gameplay based on changing the gravity to beat each level
* Obstacles in the form of locked doors, fires, deadly spikes, monsters and more
* Boulders that can be made to fall on monsters or pushed to key positions to block passages or create landing platforms for Spike
* Retro style graphics and soundtrack
* Six different level packs that varies in difficulty and appearance
* Over 40 free levels, additional levels available via in-app purchase
* Intuitive and simple controls, press the screen to make Spike walk, tilt the device to make him fall (uses built-in accelerometer)
* Free to download and play, no ads

Flip 'n Fall is also available for iOS

The Bonus pack must be unlocked by entering a code to be playable. All players get an unlock code which is shown on the Bonus pack screen. However, you can’t unlock the Bonus pack using your own code. Instead you need to get the code from another player. You can send your own code to as many other persons you wish via the Send button on the Bonus pack screen. Codes are only valid for a limited time (one week). If you try to unlock the Bonus pack using an expired code you will get an error message and need to ask another player for a new code. Unlocking the Bonus pack means that you can play the levels as long as you wish. However, should you uninstall and then reinstall Flip 'n Fall you will need to unlock the Bonus pack again, using a valid code.

Flip 'n Fall uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics used for improving the game experience of future versions. Hence the requirement for Internet access.


  • [All] - Can I buy a level pack using one of my devices and then play the levels on all my devices?
    If you buy a level pack using a specific Google or Apple account, you will be able to play those levels on all devices where you have logged in with this account (note that it needs to be the primary account on Android devices). You can't buy a level pack on an iOS device and then play those levels on an Android device though (or the other way around).
  • [All] - I have purchased a level pack but the levels are still locked, what should I do?
    Try pressing the "Restore Purchases" button on the "Level Pack Shop" screen.
  • [All] - What does the "Restore Purchases" button do?
    The button fetches information from the App Store or Google Play about which level packs you have purchased. If you have purchased level packs, you might have to press this button after re-installing the game, or if you have bought a pack using one device and then want to play the levels on another device.
  • [iOS] - When I tap on the "123-podium" button in the app I get a Game Center leaderboard view that says "Unable to load".
    Use the Game Center app to log in to Game Center before running Flip 'n Fall.
  • [iOS] - When I tap the 'Done' button in the Leaderboards view in Game Center nothing happens
    Tap one of the leaderboards in the list and then tap 'Done' on that view to go back to the game.

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